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  • In partnership with the Prevention Team, develop a plan and priorities for statewide policy and advocacy work. 

  • Act as a conduit of information for lung cancer advocacy through our website, social media and other communications.

  • Garner participation and support of advocacy efforts from MO LCC member organizations.

Decrease new cases of lung cancer by identifying policy pathways and addressing solutions and strategies with stakeholder groups in advocating for improved policies that promote public awareness of environmental lung cancer risk factors and advocating for stronger lung cancer prevention resources (tobacco cessation, radon, and clean air).


Advocate to improve and ensure access to high quality and affordable lung cancer screening and treatment including the full continuum of care

  • Work in partnership with the Early Detection Team to review and address barriers to early detection in high-risk areas through LDCT screening.

  • Recruit participant and support from MOLCC organizations to address key barriers such as:

    • Need for Medicaid screening coverage in high risk individuals 

    • Lack of access to affordable health insurance for lung cancer patients/survivors

    • Inadequate health plan coverage for cancer care

    • Arbitrary caps on annual and lifetime coverage for lung cancer patients/survivors

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