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Current Work Teams

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Team Objectives:


  1. Promote awareness of environmental risk factors (radon and others) for the public, along with resources to address them. Support Lung Cancer Awareness Month and National Radon Action Month efforts.

  2. Provide radon educational links and resources for the general public.

  3. Coordinate a radon advocacy ask by researching and building on current or past bills, creating a model policy as needed.

  4. Improve awareness of and access to evidence-based prevention and tobacco cessation services, particularly among high-risk, underserved, and rural populations.

  5. Increase access to evidence-based tobacco treatment training/certifications for providers and staff who provide primary care for high-risk patients in underserved and rural communities.


Team Objectives:

Early Detection & Screening

  1. Identify and develop best practices for scalable screening models that also overcome barriers to the delivery of high-quality lung cancer screening.  Implement listening sessions on key barriers.

  2. Build awareness about lung cancer screening and its benefits for the general public. 

  3. Work to ensure the integration of shared decision-making and evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions in lung cancer control efforts.

  4. Promote awareness and engage healthcare professionals in the adoption of evidence-based initiatives that increase lung cancer screening and tobacco treatment.

  5. Engage stakeholders and build collaborative statewide resources and education to increase lung cancer screening and tobacco treatment and training.  Partner with the State Screening Project and businesses across the state.

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