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Chart & Stethoscope
  • Maintain listing on our website of lung cancer screening centers in Missouri.

  • Compile best practices in lung cancer screening delivery and compare to common barriers. 

  • Convene quarterly meetings with lung screen navigators.

Identify and develop best practices for scalable screening models that also overcome barriers to the delivery of high-quality lung cancer screening.



Work to ensure the integration of shared decision making and evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions in lung cancer control efforts

  • Identify locations that integrate evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions into shared decision making.

  • Compile comprehensive list of lung cancer screening awareness tools.

  • Connect professionals involved in lung screening in underserved communities with tobacco cessation training.

Build awareness about lung cancer screening and its benefits for the general public and providers.

  • Act as a conduit of information for lung cancer screening through our website, social media and other communications.

  • Identify communication/media gaps in reaching the target audience.

  • Create downloadable screening awareness pieces for the public and providers.

  • Compile and create training materials on lung cancer screening to be used by trained Lung Cancer Ambassadors.

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