• Maintain listing of organizations/companies involved in radon awareness, testing/mitigation, and other environmental risk factors.

  • Compile and create Missouri-specific educational materials about lung cancer prevention.

  • Act as a conduit of information for lung cancer risk factors through our website, social media and other methods.

  • Facilitate a radon awareness campaign.

  • Compile and create training materials on environmental risk factors to be used by trained Lung Cancer Ambassadors.

  • Build a Radon-focused legislative advocacy ask.

Promote awareness of environmental risk factors (radon and others) for the general public, along with resources to address them.

Improve awareness of and access to evidence-based lung cancer prevention and tobacco cessation services, particularly among high-risk, underserved, rural, and low-income populations.

  • Identify geographical focus areas based on those at higher risk for lung cancer incidence and death.

  • Maintain listing and promote the work of organizations providing evidence-based tobacco cessation.

  • Create Missouri-specific educational materials about tobacco cessation.

  • Raise public awareness about Missouri Quitline services and facilitate connectivity between the Missouri Quitline and local smoking cessation programs throughout the state.

  • Compile and create training materials on tobacco and lung cancer risk to be used by trained Lung Cancer Ambassadors.

  • Build tobacco control funding legislative advocacy ask.

Medical Team

Increase access to evidence-based tobacco treatment training/certifications for providers and staff who provide primary care for high-risk patients in rural underserved communities.

  • Identify and prioritize locations in Missouri to focus outreach based on burden tobacco use and lung cancer.

  • Promote existing tobacco treatment training programs and identify gaps.

  • Apply for funding to host trainings and provide scholarships for key stakeholders to be trained.